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The State of Ohio road test consists of two parts: a driving test and a maneuverability test. You must pass both parts before you can receive your license.


Before taking the test, you will need to have your temporary permit. If you’re under 18, you must have had your temps for at least 6 months. Testers under 18 must also present their Driver Education Certificate at the time of the test and their 50-Hour Affidavit when applying for your license.


You must provide your own car for the road test. You can also rent a car from us if you would like.


Driving Test

  1. During your driving test, the examiner will rate your performance in common driving tasks such as:

  2. Stopping and starting,

  3. Backing up,

  4. Making proper turns,

  5. Driving in the proper lane,

  6. Maintaining a safe following distance.

  1. In order to pass the test, you must receive a score of at least 75 points.

Maneuverability Test

  1. There are two parts to the maneuverability test.  For the first part, you will drive forward through a 9‘x20’ box and then drive to the left or right (the examiner will tell you which) of a point cone 20’ ahead of the box. You must straighten the car so it is parallel to the box and stop when the rear bumper is even with the point cone.

  2. For the second part, you will drive in reverse past the point cone, straighten your car and drive through the box. Again your car must be parallel to the course and you are to stop when your front bumper is even with the two starting cones.

  3. Points are deducted for stopping to check your progress, bumping a cone, misjudging stopping distance, and not being parallel with the course. If you run over or knock down a cone, you fail immediately.

  4. As with the driving test, you must receive a score of at 75 points to pass the test.

The State of Ohio Road Test

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